Sunday, October 25, 2009

Decanting Lipbalm Tins & Dior Extras!

Hi guys! I've been set back by some work so I've been neglecting the blogosphere this past week. I think I'm going to get some reading done this week :) I'm back now and I want to share something really cool with you guys - decanting lipbalm tins! I really can't stand dipping my fingers into a tin of lipbalm and I have several pots of lipbalm (sucker for sales much). I first got the idea to decant them from Koren on Youtube, who decanted UPDD onto a clickable lip glaze pen, tutorial here. I don't use UPDD but I thought it was a great idea to depot other stuff like my lip balm tins!

This is the finished product!
I started with the lip glaze pens for my newly acquired Rosebud Salve -
Getting it in the pens was actually very tricky because it was so jelly and viscous :(
Finished product, but I couldn't get a lot of the air bubbles out, argh!Second, I decanted my passionfruit lip balm from Body Shop. I got a bunch of these on sale a while ago when I had the Body Shop card. But I never use them unless I'm at home because I don't like touching it.
This one was a little easier because the balm wasn't so sticky and viscous. It's not sticky in the sense that it feels sticky but it stretches.
Finished product, Simba is curious :)
And even after I decant them, there's still so much left in the tin!
Next, I decanted Body Shop Lip Butter and this Apple lip balm from Spain - but instead of pens, they will be just in lip balm tubes.
This was a LOT easier than the lip glaze pens, because I can use the fact that I can squeeze air in and out to move the lip balm into the tube. It's like a little suction system.
I've made so much progress on this pot, that I was able to get all of it out to be decanted
Clearly, I've never touched this one, that's why there's still so much left after I've decanted it.
And there is a pic again of all four of the finished products -
I got so many of these pens & tubes :D I am so please with them, I'll never be afraid to buy lip balm tins ever!

Here are some Dior goodies I got from my future mother in law! She buys lots of Dior stuff and she got some extra goodies for me. This is my fave, a soft train case, LOVE IT! It's going to be so useful when I travel :)

The first zipper case is for brushes, I already put mine in hehehe Well I took them out when I got home, but when I was over at their house, I put my brushes in.

Also got this cute notebook, I'm using this as my wedding planning notebook :)
perfume sample

And a little Dior trinket, I guess that tiny, tiny, tiny little gem is a diamond lol. Probably a diamond shard worth about 50 cents. I give them an A for effort. haha

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Becks~ wow seems like a lot of work to get that stuff in the tubes, was it really messy? and then the whole thing doesn't fit into the tubes? =(

Dina (XYYan) said...

what about the Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm? it's kinda hard to dip finger on it..

and the little Dior trinket is so cute!!

Lulu said...

ooo that is a really good idea!! does the product come out pretty smoothly onto the brush afterwards? I hate dipping my hands into tubbed products too!

yay for all the dior goodies! The notebook for your wedding planning seems simple and cute :)

Tish said...

Oh wow! You're getting married! Congratulations, Becks!

That's such a fabulous idea. I wonder where I can get those empty tubes and pens here. I wanna do the same with my lip balms and maybe even concealers in pots.

Diane said...

Heya Becks, congrats on the up and coming wedding.

I love your idea on decanting lipbalm. I'm with you, I hate using my fingers to dip into my lipbalm tins. All your dior goodies are so cute!

Where did you get the tubes and glaze pens?

amynaree said...

this looks like fun! great job ^__*

Babybubblz said...

oooh chrysanthemums, thanks =) I don't know why I thought chrysanthemums only came in yellow :P

Decanting pot lip balms is great idea!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing. Can I ask where you got the lip tubes/containers?

Have fun wedding planning =) Nothing like a beautiful notebook that you will keep forever to get you started.

Daituf said...

That's so clever!!! I hate lip balm in tins...
Where do u get all those clickable pens and tubes? I like the brushes on those pens...they make applying lip stuff easy

Queen of Mayhem said...

how long did it take you to put all of those into tubes? it looks like it would take FOREVER!!

oh, and where did you buy the tubes?

Manju said...

oh wow, i've never seen ppl do this. but it's such a great idea! i might just try decanting lipbalm myself. thanks for the tutorial. new follower :)

Pop Champagne said...

the dior charm is cute regardless to the 50 cent diamond lol! and it seems like lots of effort to get cans into tubes, but yeah I like them in tubes better than cans too, i don't think it's sanitary to be dipping your finger into a can and putting it on your mouth everytime after touching everything else with your fingers...

and lol to the orange girl in your class! I think some people just get addicted to tanning and they don't think that they're tanned enough until they start looking like leopards!

Marmander said...

that's really clever. i have the strawberry version of the rosebud salve. i loved the way it felt on my lips but hated having to use my finger. i definitely have to get some of those tubes. great job Becks!

FriendzCentury said...

That's a great idea to decant lipbalm into something more sanitary. Would love to know where you purchased the tubes.

lilluna5416 said...

wow i have never thought about depotting glosses, thanks for the tutorial!