Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Benefit Sugarbomb is the BOMB!

Hey guys! I'm back from my haitus! I have lots to share but I haven't had time to take pics. Everyone doin lots of holiday shopping?? I've really outdone myself at Nordstrom's lately, got a couple of pairs of shoes and some clothes....some of the sales are really good..other places not so much.

Anyways - I just wanted to share my new blush - Benefit Sugarbomb. I bought it on the 14th, which was also the first day it was released in the stores (it wasn't even on the Sephora site yet!) - It didn't even have its own place in the rack - it was just sitting where Coralista usually sits. It's soooo pretty, I carry this around now instead of my broken Nars. It's a shimmery peach - same effect as Nars Orgasm, but not as pigmented. You just swish the four colors together to use. I LOVE IT! Definitely one of my faves so far! I accidentally came upon it when I was trying to use my VIB gift coupon on the last day.

In natural daylight-

At night indoors - my new camera captures colors really well without using flash! (This is truer to eye)

I also stopped by CVS and I saw a lot of new products! Among them, there were two new Revlon E/S collections - perle and satin finishes. I got two of them. SO far, I'm very impressed! I think the perle's had too much glitter in them so I didn't pick them up. I got two satin finish e/s's which were a soft shimmery finish.

Peacock Lustre & Nude Slip

With Flash
- Peacock Lustre is a teal/blue, very pretty.
- Nude Slip is a very versatile tan - good for blending! I think it's one of those "good to have" shadows, I can see myself using this a lot!
Anybody else see the new Maybelline and Revlon stuff? There's some new Revlon foundation for photo-taking (I assume drugstore equivalent of HD?), some new mineralized shadow domes from Maybelline, some new style palettes and a waterproof gel eyeliner. I wanted to get the eyeliner but it was 10 bucks without any Bogo's so I'm just going to wait on it.

Doesn't this just scream cakewreck? It was my MIL's birthday cake from Carvels lol! In case you guys don't know - cakewrecks.blogspot.com is an awesome site for wasting time (besides Farmville)!

Here are some better desserts, we had these at the Ichi Umi sushi buffet in Jersey. Yum!
Mmmmm....some buffet food!

And if I had a "great buy's" section of my blog - I would put this on the list - these are rainboots I got from Nordstrom's for my MIL's birthday. They are very well made, very comfy, overall great boots!

Merry Christmas peeps! What are your new year resolutions?