Monday, July 27, 2009

CAS & Mitsuwa Food Haul!!!

I love Mitsuwa (the huge Japanese market), but I realized why we stopped going so often - everything costs so much ! lol It seems like we barely bought anything and ended up spending $100+ >.< But it was well worth it though :)

Our lunch - mm!!!!

Sheridan's Konbu (seaweed) Onigiri yum!!!
The Okinawa festival is going on right now so theres lots of Okinawa cultural food items for sale. I got Clam flavored chips (top left), shrimp chips, pizza chips, more shrimp chips, Cod Roe spaghetti sauce (I LOVE this stuff in the Yakitori places), and Okinawa pickles to eat with rice :)

Some special squid looked better than it tasted - they didn't clean this properly (>.<)
Had to make Sheridan pose with this - this bottle design was asking for it lol!! It says, "Gettin' Cool Melon Soda" in a cute aluminum container and a blingy star on the "Gettin' Cool" part hahaha oh those Japanese! This stuff was refreshing, very light and not too sweet, a nice change from the regular Cokes and Pepsi's.

My dinner - Tekka Don, tuna with rice yum!--------------
Update on our pet squirrel, CAS (pronounced Kaz) (who doesn't have rabies yet). He is almost ready to take food from our hands.

aww I wasn't fast enough to get a pic of him snatching it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


And so true!

"Approval by Blogger May Please a Sponsor"

(link is to a NYT article)

“Consumers have a right to know when they’re being pitched a product,” said Richard Cleland, an assistant director at the Federal Trade Commission.

Should consumers have a right to know when they're being pitched a particular vendor? What about kickbacks or quid pro quos via free samples, etc?