Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Don't Eat In The Cafeteria

I hate the cafeteria at Pace. Their food is overpriced, unhealthy and most recently I discovered, expired and rotten. I went to the cafeteria to use all the money they forced me to pay in my meal plan, I wanted to get something that was not very heavy, not full of carbs, not full of sugar, not too much sodium...very very hard...unless I get water..which I did buy but anyway... I went to look at the boxes of sandwiches. I pulled out this one that was Ham and Cheese. It was already steamed up with water droplets- a sign that it's been sitting there for quite a while. Then I looked at it closely because something seemed to be sticking out between the bread. I couldn't believe what I saw, it was MOLD or something growing!! It wasn't just your typical green mold that's spotty, it was WHITE and FURRY!! It was tufts of fur that was about 1-2 inches long with black dots sticking out of it. NO KIDDING!! I am SURE that is NOT ham and that does not look like any type of vegetable or ANYTHING except ROTTEN stuff. I wish I took a picture!! I bet no one will believe me but I'm serious!!! I left the box there -.- Well, I didn't want to buy it and raising hell about it won't do anything since those minions could care less what kind of food they're serving. So to the unlucky one who picks up that box without looking..echhh... But I have a feeling no one will buy it, it makes me wonder how long it's been sitting there, most likely before the Easter Break. I makes me wonder how long everything else has been sitting there. I remember when I was at school during Easter Break and the Spotlight Cafe was closed, I saw through the door that there were still boxes of food there!!! They should really date their food especially if outflow is slow.
The salad bar is also horrible. I don't know what they put in their grilled chicken or marinated veggies or dressings but after eatting it, I get very very thirsty. Even if I only ate a little, I drink a whole bottle of water right afterwards. That makes me very uncomfortable.
One time, I was really hungry but I didn't want to spoil my lunch so I bought soup. THAT was disgusting also. It was 'Chicken Noodle'. It was really really really salty.
This makes me so mad, since starting next semester, they're going to mandatorily charge us $125 per semester for a meal plan, up from $35 I've already been forced to pay per semester this year. I might just end up buying 100 bottles of water at $1.25.

Well, back to studying ...sort of...@_@

Good luck on finals everyone!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A song is stuck in my head

I want to go home and listen to it.

Norah Jones- What Am I To You

Buggers. @_@