Monday, September 28, 2009

Recreating Bridal Look, RED Nail Polish & Mini Haul

Happy Monday everyone!

Over the weekend, I tried to recreate the bridal makeup look I learned from a fab YTuber/blogger ( I didn't have a lot of the products she used but I substituted with what I had :) I was really inspired by her look - not only did she actually wear this look for her wedding (street cred! :) but it looks so natural/good for Asian faces/skin tones (that plus she's absolutely gorgeous!). You can check out the tutorial here - I unabashedly watched this video a few times lol

This is my first attempt - I'm still trying to perfect it so bear with me. I definitely have a lot to work on so I'm excited to practice this again in the near future! I also don't have falsies so I couldn't complete the look either lol I

Anyway, this is the completed look: (and one of my eyes is a little wonk, one of the creases was acting up because of allergies :( I will have to try it again when one of my eyes isn't bigger than the other lol)


Without Flash - as you can sort of tell, the white shadow/browbone area needs a little more blending haha!
What I used / What she used:
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast WP, CG Exact Lash WP & Falsies
  • Revlon Vintage Lace & NYX Matte White, NYX Matte White
  • BB cream (just as an undereye concealer because I don't have anything better), Graftobian Concealer
  • MUFE HD Foundation, Graftobian Foundation
  • Maybelline Brow, MUFE Brow (not pictured), Anastasia Brow Kit
  • Lancome some copper shadow in GWP, Copper shadow
  • Revlon Colorstay E/L in Brown-Black (I "lined" all over my lid hahaha, that was fun!), Clinique Brush on Cream Liner (both waterproof!)
  • Wet N Wild Creme Liner Black, Mac Fluidline Blacktrack
  • BareMinerals blush Dessert Rose, Everyday Minerals Apple (both matte blushes)
  • TooFaced Shadow Insurance, UDPP
  • Sephora Lip Liner in Cute Caramel, Lancome Lipstick Rose Defile, Clinique Lipstick Orchid Shimmer, MUFE Gloss Peachy Pink, Maybelline Gloss in Glass Rose
I'm pretty sure I used a bunch of other shadows too (from the NYX nuetral palettes) and I think she used some other items, but they weren't the big items so I didn't include them in the list. And I also don't have highlighting/contouring cheek stuff lol I'm a beginner here!

Her look is one version where the lid is darker than the crease - I have seen other bridal looks where it is lid lighter than crease, and I'll try to do those too in the near future to compare. So far, I'm really liking this one! Here is another vid that is really helpful too for bridal makeup - The series is called "Makeup Gourmet" - so cute!! I don't know why it doesn't get that much viewership.
So I've NEVER worn red nail polish before - I usually stick with french colors (light pink family or shimmery ivorys) but I decided that I should have at least a good red polish for fall. I've seen how tacky red could look if it's not in the right shade family. So I did some research before I went to Sally's hehe. I read that for light skin tones, reds that are cool toned look best.
I picked this shade - Long Kiss from China Glaze. I wanted to get an Orly equivalent/dupe but the one or two bottles they had left were tampered with booo. Sheridan picked out this shade, it looks awesome! Sometimes its best to have a fresh eye looking at colors. The pictures don't do the color justice, my hand looks so awkward! lol I could learn a thing or two from Tish about NOTDs she does them so nicely :)

Ooo also, I'm not sure if I really am warm undertoned, I did the blue/green vein test in daylight, and I can't tell if they're blue or green. Some parts look greenish blue, some parts look blue lol! So am I peach undertoned?!
And look at the goodies I received from Michelle at MyMakeupReviews!!! She is so awesome and generous - this is HER HG! I've never seen this before even though it's made by Abbott, I can't wait to try it, it sounds really promising. Check out her fab blog, I love reading it for the pictures, so clear and her reviews are really thorough!
She also enclosed some extra things for me to try, coool!!!

And here is my mini haul - it's very mini lol but it includes the nail polish.

Got a bigger bottle of my HG brand shampoo - Ion! Wish they sold pumps too, though I cleaned out my aveeno pump and I'm going to try to see if it fits lol

I couldn't resist buying this dish at Petco :) It's for Nala!!
Have a good week everyone!


Tammy said...

The bridal makeup-look looks so beautiful on you! You should do eye closeups too! <3

amynaree said...

the pet dish is so adorable!!

great job on the look, very pretty :)

SweetFurr said...

Beautiful bridal look!
My Marie uses the exact same pet dish! ^^

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

you look so lovely and the look is very natural.

the pet dish is soo cute.

Lulu said...

Good luck practicing the bridal makeup look :) Yea fromheadtotoe did such a good job, I am going to follow her and practice the look too :)

That pet dish is so adorable!!!

And that's so sweet of Michelle to send you all the goodies.

I've never wore red nail polish either, nor red lipstick. but I really want to try and see how they look on me. (I don't think red lippy would be good, hahah)

Anonymous said...

OoooO pretty look! Marie was wondering when you are free again to have a make up playdate, I have a friend who wants to come too!

rhaindropz said...

i love it.. perfectly done!!!

Emily said...

wah so pretty

i love the look

imma go try it!!

Kalmo said...

Great take on Jen's bridal look, very pretty.

Love the NOTD and the adorable cat dish.

Toothfairynotes said...

great job on the bridal makeup look!

and I love the dish haha, it's really cute!


Shopn'Chomp said...

Awesome job on the bridal look, Becks! Gotta love those hot struttin' red nails! *swoons* Totally perfect for Fall! :)

Distinque said...

Nice bridal look. The nail polish so fits in with Fall!

I think that the invisible set powder combined with the oil control lotion is good for a normal to oily skin and using blot powder in between. There's alot to consider like the weather, how oily your skin is and how long will the event be. You might want to stop by Mac and ask a sample of the two items and test it out before the big day! Congratulations!

Queen of Mayhem said...

i love the petco dish!! how much was it? i don't even have a cat and i want one. :P

DonDon said...

your nails look so cute ^^ i think red makes your hands look more mature and classy...but i don't really like wearing red eye catching! And i love that dish at the cute!

Anonymous said...


Sush said...

so pretty! youd be a good bridal model hehehe. oh and I love that leave in spray conditioner from ion

With Love, Elle said...

frmheadtoe my fav tuts too~
xoxo elle
ps: tag u 4 an award!