Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Stace sez I should put something here so um here! I've had this blog since 2005 and I use to actually have entries but I thought they were too emo so I deleted most of them hahaha...

So anyway I was wondering why people get foundations/powders in shades lighter than their true natural shade? I am considered light/pale (especially in the winter) and I got the shade 023 (Peach) in the Dior powder, my future mother in law who is as light as me has 022...which I tried and the pink undertone doesn't work for me but this other person I know (who shall remain nameless) who is darker than both of us uses 020 (Light Beige)!!! I can see that because the shade doesn't match, there is a grayish cast to her face (and her neck is a different color too), even though it's so smooth because of both the foundation and the powder. She's so weird. She's wants to pretend she is light but isn't.

So anyways, I just used this mask and I decide to "de-pot" the remaining product from its tube onto the tub container. It looks like green poo poo. I've been using this forever bc my mom said when she lived in HK, she went to get those facials and she remembered that they told her the product is from the US. When we immigrated here, she found this and said that was what they used in the spa's bc she recognized the smell. I dunno. I think the HK spa tried to rip people off by tossing out the US name to make people think its a superior product.
Oh dear, I left the mask on for too long and my face got all red. its been an hour or so and it's not so irritated anymore, whew.. i looked like a lobster for a bit. A smooth red lobster though. I just found this lying around so I just opened it to check it out. Any idea what it's really used for or how it's used? Does it expire? It was given to me a while ago. Anyway I left my usual scar serum from Palmer's at my fiance's parents house so I used this instead because my cat accidentally scratched me again. Gosh, he's so clumsy.

And I painted my nails too. (theres Nala sneaking into the pic)

And I ordered this, which looks like a good deal for $10 at sephora with free shipping, but its not as cute as hello kitty bandaids.

ok goodnight folks.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHA omg GREEN POOPOO!!!! dont talk about your future mother in law like that beckster! bad beckster! Its so funny when I see ppl with like a white face and then from their neck down they are brown...lol